I never saw a snake in my backyard

I was walking to Shul this morning. Through my back yard. Another thing I won’t do in a year from now. I noticed in a bare spot in the grass, a slug. It’s not a snake I thought. I’ve never seen a snake here. Only slugs, and they are no way as graceful as a snake. Only 3 inches long. (Or perhaps 6 cm.) And certainly not evenly slim. There are lots of slugs in the grass that I see each day on the way to Shul. Never a snake. I though about the snake we saw on the Appalachian Trail a few years ago. They usually scuttle away pretty quickly. As I think about is now, I just had that thought when I was walking through the yard, but I think it came because of the sign I saw on the Kakiat Park trail: beware, Copperheads and Rattlesnakes have been seen on the trail. Stay close to the marked trail. I wonder what wild life there is in a city like Jerusalem, even if we are on the southern end of the town. There are parks and walkways, the promenade. Probably lots of insects – roaches.Image

Kakiat trail to the overlook.


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