Now to depersonalize the house


We’re told that we have to depersonalize the house to make it more inviting to those who will consider it for purchase. Remove family pictures, any items that make it hard for someone to see themselves in the house. That’s going to be a lot of work. This is just the piano. If we twirl around and look at any other corner of the house, the images you see are all of us, our family our cousins. Everyone.

Well. At some point soon, it will be time to box it up. Take it all and put it away for a while. I don’t want to show the house too soon. It might just sell. How long do we wait? How long do we wait to start packing.

I started a project manager. I wonder if it will bring clarity to what we need to do. I started to list some items, like renewing our passports, and guess what. I got that damn application all filled out! Today. That’s one item checked off.


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