Birth in Atlanta – Kol Ozi Salzberg

Haven’t written in a while because everything went on hold during the birth, and week following the birth, of Kol Ozi.


Kol Ozi is growing every day. The strength of her voice should ever grow, although Ori and Navit may regret the hope in the near future. Right now Kol is calm and relaxed. She’s just beginning to waken to her “fourth” trimester, as Ori likes to call it. The new parents are forever listening and learning what it means to be parents. They are avid learning parents and they have good instincts. I am so sad to leave them now. Especially Kol, now that I know her name. She is precious to watch. Wondrous to imagine her thought, rather developing thoughts. Every movement, every expression is new, at her fingertips. She has so much to learn. Holding her is never boring, and I hope the love we have for her penetrated her young, newborn mist.