Chanukah Comes Early – at least the lights


We’re in the dark, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, No electricity. Just us and our batteries. Today, our second day home, the day without the lights, became our first stay-at-home to work on clutter. Rachelle is boxing slides to be compressed into DVDs. I attacked my corner of the bedroom and produced a bin of recycling to go out tonight. Pick up day tommorrow. Not much, but it is a start. Getting a bit of cabin fever.

We went out in the afternoon to recharge our phones.


This Sukkah Goes With Us


This is likely the last time I’m putting thus Sukkah on my deck. Next year, ImYH, we build it outside of Kibuts Galuyot 5. We cleared the tree branches above the Sukkah. Don’t know yet how much three branches cost to remove. But they were removed by hand, the guy climbing into the branches with two ropes, one red, one brown, and suspending himself above the branch. Tying off the branch. And raising his chain saw to cut the branch. What a spectacle. And that was before Yom Kippur by one hour.

The Sukkah was built. It was small. But Kol fit in nicely for her first Sukkot holiday. And we had fun. More on that when I get a pic from Ori.