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At Home in the Dark

The candle light is not enough. LEDs and book lights help pierce the darkness. It takes a while, but you get good at aiming the light to the paragraph you’re on. Get’s dark early this time of year. The one part of this electrical loss that is hard to deal

Rachelle by LED light

with is the loss of heating. Our hot water works, and we’ve had showers and hot baths, but the water, as hot as it might be, won’t circulate in the pipes and radiators. The pump is electric and living with this cold is difficult. The temperature outside is dropping to the forty’s. Bearable during the day, but hard to take at night. We were using lots of blankets until the electricity returned late last night.

I went downstairs. Bicycling in the dark. I wish my pedaling were hooked up to the heat pump. I would have warmed the whole house, not just myself.

LEDs of the Stationary Bicycle
Bicycling in the darkness

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