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Friday Night Dinner in a Crock Pot


We tried. No. We really make it. We got up at 3.30 am and got out to the car in good time to make the 6.30 flight. But even with all the empty roads, and the great time we made, it was getting stuck behind an accident on the TriBoro bridge that held us back the 45 minutes to get on the plane. We were there before the plane left, but not before it left the gate for the runway. Get us on the next flight? We could route through Pittsburgh and arrive around 6 pm. Delta had a direct flight, but we weren’t really to pay twice the rate – with a penalty fee on top of that.

We are so disappointed. FaceTime is great, but hug time is much better. Well Friday night dinner in a crock pot is easy enough to prepare. Might as well catch a day at work.