Walking Home

It’s a beautiful day walking home from the dentist.  Walk from Yemin Moshe.png I thought I’d better enjoy the weather a bit before the cold winds blow through. A beautiful 65 degree day, and a down hill walk in to German Colony. From Emek and a fresh juiced carrot drink, it was a nice walk home.

I always stop to look at the sunlight in the golden hands, and who can resist the lion’s fountain before the corner of David Remez and Beit Lechem. The weather reports are predicting cold days ahead with sand storms blowing through. I opened the windows wide for the day to get a last quick rush of Jerusalem air in the apartment.

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Man Ray at the Israel Museum

We had the opportunity this past week to visit the manrayexhibit1Man Ray exhibit at the museum. Having the membership makes it easy to just pop over there and see what’s new. This exhibit is ending on January 23rd, so we thought we should make a trip so
on. It’s great being here and being able to visit places and exhibits whenever we can spare the time. Sunday was a free day for us, so we got a ride with Alieza and I gave up swimming for the day.


2016-01-10 14.54.19.jpg
Objects are humanized, humans are objectified

A Windy Winter Week

It’s been a blustery week with the brunt of stormy weather hitting on Friday and Shabbat. 2016-01-03 07.41.09Chanan and his parents headed to Tel Aviv on Thursday night but still got a windy welcome there on Friday. We missed them on Shabbat, but shared our day with guests Friday night and also were hosted on Shabbat lunch, for overall, an interesting and stimulating Shabbat, full of discussions and stories of Aliyah, now and twenty years ago. Seudat Shlishit featured a guest speaker on new age Zionism. Overall a busy Shabbat! Continue reading

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Two years in Jerusalem


What better way to celebrate two years since our Aliyah date, 24-December-2013, than tasting new flavors at Nespresso in the Mamilla mall. We returned our used capsules and picked up some new
ones. They always offer you a taste of new flavors. And of course, when in the Mamilla mall to recycle capsules, why not stop for lunch at a cafe. Rimon2015-12-24 13.51.16 this particular afternoon. A little chilly, but their enclosed outdoor space was just fine. A very nice little Aliyah celebration.

And what always makes it so much fun here, is 2015-12-02 15.21.09.jpgChanan! Our little marker for our Aliyah! He was born one month after our leaving New York, and so his two year birthday will be exceptional. And he’s already saying “No”. Or sometimes “Go Saba, Saba’s car, go.” Maybe it’s the car Bamba that makes it fun.