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Two years in Jerusalem


What better way to celebrate two years since our Aliyah date, 24-December-2013, than tasting new flavors at Nespresso in the Mamilla mall. We returned our used capsules and picked up some new
ones. They always offer you a taste of new flavors. And of course, when in the Mamilla mall to recycle capsules, why not stop for lunch at a cafe. Rimon2015-12-24 13.51.16 this particular afternoon. A little chilly, but their enclosed outdoor space was just fine. A very nice little Aliyah celebration.

And what always makes it so much fun here, is 2015-12-02 15.21.09.jpgChanan! Our little marker for our Aliyah! He was born one month after our leaving New York, and so his two year birthday will be exceptional. And he’s already saying “No”. Or sometimes “Go Saba, Saba’s car, go.” Maybe it’s the car Bamba that makes it fun.