A Windy Winter Week

It’s been a blustery week with the brunt of stormy weather hitting on Friday and Shabbat. 2016-01-03 07.41.09Chanan and his parents headed to Tel Aviv on Thursday night but still got a windy welcome there on Friday. We missed them on Shabbat, but shared our day with guests Friday night and also were hosted on Shabbat lunch, for overall, an interesting and stimulating Shabbat, full of discussions and stories of Aliyah, now and twenty years ago. Seudat Shlishit featured a guest speaker on new age Zionism. Overall a busy Shabbat!

Sunday we welcomed them home to Jerusalem but it remained a grey day, if not so windy. After wearing my winter parka to Shacharit in the morning, I figured that I was treating 50 ° weather as if it were a blizzard. I changed to a sweater and a jacket (layers) before getting ready to go swimming.2016-01-03 08.42.38

I got a ride into the University campus with Alieza and did some swimming, but also registered at the National Library for online book requests. I spent a short time reading in the old reading room I haunted back in the seventies, although it looked so much smaller that it was then. After several renovations over the past forty years, they cut the reading hall into two different areas, General and Jewish Studies. I used to distract myself by reaching behind my chair and grabbing a volume of U.N. minutes. Gett

To top off the evening, we went to the Community Center on Emek Refaim for a movie night (with Hebrew discussion). We saw the film “Gett” and had a lively discussion about the film and the state of Jewish divorce visa vie the Rabbanut Beit Din.


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