After Three Years – Are we still Olim Hadashim

Chanan is our Aliyah tape measure. He turned three a few weeks ago, and so did our Aliyah. We still get notices from Nefesh B’Nefesh, but no more special discounts. They are still a resource to call, like when I got a bill for past due Bituach Leumi payments. Weren’t the supposed to send us a bill first. No, that’s typical. No notice, then backbill. But it all worked out. Though now I must figure what to do with the new form they sent me. So it goes.
We are now trying to figure out what events to choose from the many listed in the weekend paper, to fill our week nights with. Much to choose from, too much to do!


Lunch in Springtime

Spring is showing itself, at least for the next few days. Friday brunch at Beit Lechem and Yehuda, Bagel Byte. Last chance since they will be moving to Yad Haharutzim next week. Such a lovely patio outside the store, to sit and watch the dwindling Friday traffic. 
We took the time to walk a little (400 meters from home) so I can get out stretch my legs without overdoing it. I’m in the third week after knee replacement, and this time it was the full knee. More complicated, more pain, longer recovery. Last December, in my third week after the left partial knee, a was walking outside much more than today. Patience and lovely days like today are getting me through the days. 

So goes our thorough testing of the Aliyah medical system transition. We’ve been in so many different clinic settings, wading through varied and morphing rules about hithyuvot (preauthorization). Sitting at an outdoor cafe is a just reward for surviving the system, keeping the smile. 

It has been awhile since I updated my blog. Posting to Facebook has been easier, although this iPad app I’m using is easy too.