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2019 Update on Aliyah

We’ve been here 5 years now

View from the Har Hanegev Field School

We participated in our congregation’s Shabbaton this year in February. It was great to get away. We had a fairly lengthy trip the night before, Thursday, down through Be’er Sheva and decided to eat supper at the mall in Be’er Sheva.

The carter from outside the Ramon Center

We stayed at the Field School in Mitzpe Ramon, Har Hanegev Field School. Before the Shabbaton actually began, we visited the Ramon Center which overlooks the crater. It has a section dedicated to Ilan Ramon’s story and other areas about the crater’s formation itself.

Collage Coffee Table of
Ari Shomron

After the Ramon Center, we went looking around and found the shop of Ari Shomron Design. His coffee tables caught our eyes, but we didn’t make an immediate purchase.

Couples Therapy Chair

We ate in the downtown area at a local health food store that offers soup, before returning to the field school to prepare for Shabbat.

Mauna Coffee Shop Mitzpe Ramon

The actual Shabbaton was very nice although the field school on that Shabbat was cold and windy. Walking between the room and the Hadar Ohel, the Beit K’neset and the Ma’adon was a challenge and we did have to take to the room for some of the Shabbat afternoon.