We’re very busy – but a trip across town is always fun!

Driving from Har HaTzofim back to Bakka
Driving from Har HaTzofim back to Bakka

Ema drives in Jerusalem on the way back from Hebrew University. We just picked up Alieza from the university and my started aching, so I asked her to drive. Might as well, she’s on the roster of drivers for our Hyundai i25. The traffic on Derech Hebron was tight and a lot of the drivers were also tight. At least that’s what it seems like with the frequent beeps.

We have lots of parking on the street outside of Kibutz Galuyot. It’s great when school is out. We have to be careful those special times when parents and others, come to pick up their kids.

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Holding Washington


There are a few places that we like to visit from time to time, and Washington is where we both had the thought, this is where we’ll come for visits when we’re traveling back from Jerusalem. We love staying at the Georgetown Suites location and walking to the Harbor, or Kennedy Center, or just down M street. And Kesher is a wonderful Shul that is always worth the Shabbat visit. And the museums can’t be beat. This time we went to the American History Museum, saw a replanted house from Ipswich, Americana including an Apple //e and an iPod next to a Walkman, along with old silver creamers from the 18th century.

Wonderful visit no matter how short it had to be.


This Sukkah Goes With Us


This is likely the last time I’m putting thus Sukkah on my deck. Next year, ImYH, we build it outside of Kibuts Galuyot 5. We cleared the tree branches above the Sukkah. Don’t know yet how much three branches cost to remove. But they were removed by hand, the guy climbing into the branches with two ropes, one red, one brown, and suspending himself above the branch. Tying off the branch. And raising his chain saw to cut the branch. What a spectacle. And that was before Yom Kippur by one hour.

The Sukkah was built. It was small. But Kol fit in nicely for her first Sukkot holiday. And we had fun. More on that when I get a pic from Ori.